Realtime video installation
Unity Engine

Live simulation. The purpose of the program is looping through different configurations, while doing attemps to find the end of program. The program also keeps a count of the attempts to find the end. The end is possible as an effect of programmed randomness in variable. The result of each iteration of the program is a footprint picture created by the animation.

Project is insired by Viktor Frankl's existential approach, that adheres to a view of the individual that initially, a person does not possess an essence, but acquires it through self-creation, where actualization is the result of a person's own free and responsible choices.

Project reflects on whether it is possible to surpass oneself with the help of the random search method. To free ourselves from the limits of our essence and start living with full freedom of expression. To discover undocumented possibilities - so-called Easter eggs - the content of which, as a rule, does not fit into the general concept.