Victoria Duryagina(1991) is a digital artist living and working in Brno, Czech Republic. Graduated from the Faculty of Information Technology at the Brno University of Technology. A member of intermedia artist collective INSTITUT INSTITUT.

The main theme of her works is the infinite search for stable configurations of worldview and the commonality of the perception of the author and the viewer. Through her works she creates a dialogue between human and machine, in which randomness and algorithms blends. She creates digital spaces with an inner melancholy, in which she explores the uncertainty of the actual moment. She uses 3D, video art and interactive audiovisual installations, digital and traditional paintings.

  • Solo exhibitions

  • 2022 Footprints, PostPost gallery, Brno
  • Group exhibitions

  • 2023 "Technology and humanity canvas", Kanvas Dubai, Dubai
  • 2023 Social#2023, CICA museum, Seoul
  • 2023 OnArt Film Festival, Lublin
  • 2022 “Mutedom”, ALC videoart festival, Alicante
  • 2021 “Novy Prostor”, TIC gallery, Brno
  • 2021 “Dream”, “PozorUmeni” festival, Prague
  • 2021 “Freedom”, Able Art Gallery, online
  • Awards

  • 2022 Honorable mention, ALC videoart festival, Alicante